after sales service

Customer satisfaction has been defined as one of the main organization values and priorities in Ebrahim Company. Base on this commitment, Ebrahim does not assume that its responsibility is just supplying the highest quality cleaning equipment and machine. So it tries to entirely accompany its customers in the purchasing procedure and provide them with the highest quality after sales services. The fully-equipped warehouses and a central repair shop with a total area of 8000 square meters show how important after sales services are in the Ebrahim's executive view.

Ebrahim is known as one of the most authorized providers of industrial cleaning equipment in Iran and the best European manufacturers in the field of cleaning equipment have chosen this company as their exclusive distributor in Iran. The intimate cooperation between Ebrahim and his well-known partners makes its customers ensure that they will have quick access to products' spare parts and accessories whenever they need. All the spare parts and

Accessories are supplied by the main and authorized manufacturers.

A quick glance at the index of 28000 loyal customers of Ebrahim indicates its excellent reputation as a pioneering company in the field of industrial cleaning equipment among the famous business owners and shows how successful this company is in making its customers satisfied.

The company's after-sale service department includes three units:

Products warehouse where Ebrahim showroom is and customers can observe products and their performance so they have a chance to select the best product which exactly suits their needs.

Spare parts and accessories warehouse

All the company's products are totally manufactured in the developed countries and they are made of high-quality materials and components. Although the unique quality of products guarantees the long service life of them, all the spare parts and accessories of products are available and in the case of any failure in the product's performance, the problem will be solved with no delay and the machine will be ready to be used again.

Technical unit

Ebrahim's technicians are well-trained and highly experienced so they have enough technical information to solve any problem which causes the machine not to work properly. Depending on the situation, technical services are offered in 3 ways:

Phone support: customers can make the phone call and a technician will guide them how to fix the machine. It is free of charge and minimizes the downtime of products.

Technical services in central repair shop: for broken or damaged machines which are easy to be transferred, technical services are offered in the central repair shop of the company.

On-site service: if transferring the broken machine to the central repair shop is difficult, Ebrahim's skillful technicians will be sent to the machine's place.