Although the floor covering that is used on floor surfaces are made of high-quality materials, due to the passage and traffic, they lose their brilliance and gloss over the time. It is true that regular washing and cleaning program plays an important role in removing sticky contaminants from the surfaces and makes the floors clean, but in order to keep the luster and prevent damage to the floor covering, use of wax to make protective coatings are essential. Waxes are chemical compounds that are sprayed onto the floor surfaces to protect floorboards. The use of waxes on the flooring will preserve the luminosity of surfaces for a long time and, by creating a protective layer, will play an important role in increasing the lifespan of the floor and thus, reducing the cost of repair or replacement of floor covering. Choosing the right wax is just as important as choosing suitable floor coverings.

How to use wax

Applying wax to create a protective layer on the surfaces depends on the type of wax manufacturer, but in a common way, before using the wax, first by using an industrial vacuum cleaner collect all the fine pollutants from surfaces and grooves between the floorboards. After that, with the use of scrubber dryer, wash away the smallest particles of dust that remained on the surfaces. After the cleaning and initial washing, it is time to apply the wax. At this stage, the wax is sprayed onto the surfaces and with the use of polishers applies it to the all parts of the surfaces. After waxing, polish the impregnated surfaces. At the last stage thoroughly wash the target surfaces with scrubbers. Waxing and creating a protective layer on the surfaces takes time for about 6 to 8 hours.

Advantages of using wax on surfaces

In addition to increasing the visual effects, the wax plays an important role in increasing the lifespan of the floor coverings. The layer which is created on the floorboards, protect them against potential damage, it also plays an important role in reducing the cost of repairing or replacing flooring and thus increase productivity. Reducing the rate of re-contamination of the floor is another benefit of using wax.