Kranzle is a one the best industrial cleaning equipment manufacturer which was founded in 1974. This Company introduced its first mobile high-pressure cleaner in 1981. Kranzle slogan is "better perfect….than cheap!" so it managed to be not the cheapest but the best. This is Kranzle commitment and it applies to all products and solutions. Quality, flexibility and innovation build values of this German company.

The Kranzle head offices are located in IIIertissen and Bielefeld. The Bielefeld-based distribution and marketing company has its own subsidiaries on all continents. With two production plants, Kranzle IIIertissen has a total area of 54000 m2. The production plant 1 serves to accommodate R & D as well as manufacturing, assembly, and administration. Production Plant 2 locates the new training center and the logistics department.

A team of experienced and motivated specialist of Kranzle Research and development department is constantly working on products innovation to provide convincing solutions to worldwide requirements of the cleaning industry. Owing to its advanced in-house manufacturing, Kranzle is in a position to conduct practical analyses and tests during the development process. High-pressure cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaners and hand powered sweeper, all kranzle products are practical, reliable and durable.

A wide range of innovative and practical high-pressure cleaners including electric or petrol powered machines, portable or stationary versions, hot or cold water high-pressure washers provides the customers with a chance of selecting a machine which exactly meets their needs.

Furthermore, Kranzle with developing Vento's wet and dry vacuum cleaner series has shown its innovative power. The engineered design of this vacuum cleaner series maximizes space for use with a filter bag and it also offers the best function, suction power and stability.

The kranzle hand power sweepers with their extremely efficient dirt holding capacity are totally independent of any available electrical power sources. These handy and practical tools are distinguished by their well-thought-out functional details. Kranzle hand powered sweepers are the absolute test winners at the ETM test.