Columbus scrubber dryer standard brush

category : Scrubber Dryer
Standard Brush

Brushes play a vital role in scrubbers, and the quality of cleaning depends on this component. The engine in this machine generates circular movement in the brush. Spraying water to the brush and its movement will make the surface clean. Scrubbers can used with detergent in solution tank to increase the quality of washing. After the brushing step, the squeegee with a suction system collects additional water and dry the surface. Scrubber can have one or two brushes according to its dimensions. The brush can be a roller or disc that is often a type of disk in scrubbers. Disc brushes in scrubbers includes have several types: standard brushes, extra soft brush, soft brush and extra abrasive brush that can be selected and used in accordance with the type and sensitivity of surface.

Performance Brush Standard

In 95% of cases, standard brushes are used to wash different floors, since their softness and roughness are such that in addition to eliminating pollution and stains, does not make any damage or scratches to the surface. Standard brushes is used for washing various floorings, such as mosaics, rubber, epoxy, laminate, stone, ceramic, concrete, carpet, VCT and sports ground. If contamination of surface is very hard and does not remove with the standard brush, you can use other brushes that are rougher and, if the surface is very sensitive, brushes can be used with less roughness.

Standard brush width

Due to the high standard of standard brush, all scrubbers have the ability to use this type of brush. So that, there is a standard brush in all sizes. The standard brush widths are 33-35-40-43-50-53 cm, which should be selected to fit the width of the machine.