underbody lance

Underbody lance has been manufactured and marketed for washing the car underbody surface. Due to the long length lance and its curvature, the use of underbody lance makes it easy to access to the underbody surface of the car.

The importance of washing underbody surface of the car

Washing and cleaning the underbody surfaces of the vehicles, the same as the body surfaces of the vehicles are very important. The long-term presence of vehicles in the streets and roads contaminates the body surfaces of cars, also makes the chassis and underbody surfaces of vehicles dirty. Sediment and long-term durability of pollutants such as bitumen and sand particles, causes early depreciation of the underbody surfaces of vehicles. Washing and cleaning these parts is very time-consuming by the use of traditional ways.

The advantage of using underbody lance

Since it is usually difficult to wash and clean the underbody surfaces of the car, it is often neglected. While the use of high pressure water jets with the underbody lance, which facilitates the access and washing of the underbody surfaces of the car. In addition to washing the underbody surfaces of the car, this lance can be used to rinse and clean inaccessible parts of the other equipment that are placed at a relatively low height from the ground and it is difficult to clean them by using traditional methods.