Extra Soft Brush

category : Scrubber Dryer
Extra Soft Brush

The brush in the scrubber plays a vital role, and washing and removing stains greatly depend on this component. The brush spinning with spraying water or detergent solution, wash the surface well and remove the stains and sticking materials. Then the special squeegee collects extra water on the surface and sucks to dry. Fast drying does not cause slipping on the surface and there is no disturbance in passage through the passersby. The scrubbing machine is used for the washing of flooring materials, including stone, ceramics, concrete, mosaics, wood, epoxy and rubber, and does not cause any damage to the surfaces. The scrubber brush has a very high quality and long life span. The dense network of bristles in brush is for more stability, smooth running cycles and low levels of wear and tear. So this brush feature brings up the quality of the washing. The particular structure of the bristles enables an ideal water distribution over the entire surface, which will help to improve the quality of the washing. These special brushes enable up to 40% water saving.

Performance of extra soft brush

The brush in scrubbers is of a disc type that, according to its roughness and softness, is divided into four categories: standard brush, soft brush, extra soft brush and extra abrasive brush. The roughness and softness of the brushes depends on the thickness of the hair and the thicker the brush will be. Standard brush is suitable for all kinds of surfaces, and in addition to rinsing it well, it does not damage or scratch it. Abrasive brush is used for hard surfaces where the contamination is very difficult. If it is very sensitive and has high value and value, a very soft brush can be used to prevent damage to the surface, which is very suitable for such surfaces.

Very soft brush width

A very soft brush is designed and made for a 10-liter scrubber with a very light weight. The light weight of the machine does not cause any pressure on the surface and does not cause any damage. For this reason, this type of brush is only 35 cm in size.