hook cleaning lance

An industrial pressure washer turns water into a very powerful substance that can remove even the deepest impurities from surfaces by increasing water pressure several times the standard. But it is necessary for this high-pressure water to be directed to the surface in the right way to bring the maximum efficiency to the device. One of the most important factors to increase the quality of washing by industrial high pressure washer machine is how to direct water to the surface. The user needs to have sufficient control over the machine. Therefore, the industrial pressure washer cleaning lance is designed as an interface between high pressure hose and nozzle in different lengths and models, so that the appropriate model can be selected according to the environment. hook cleaning lance is one of the most widely used lances in high pressure washers, which is used in cleaning and washing out of reach due to its special structure. This cleaning lance has a curvature in the end and since it is in direct and continuous contact with water, it is made of stainless steel to increase its strength and useful life. This part can be used in washing domestic environment and industrial centers.

Advantages of using hook cleaning lance

The curved and angular structure of the lance at the end, increases the user's access to remote points. Curved lance due to its special structure significantly reduces the time required for cleaning. The use of this lance in the cleaning process has a great effect on increasing the quality of cleaning due to the user's access to difficult and out of reach points. This piece is commonly used for washing and cleaning toilets, car chassis, high-altitude surfaces and sloping surfaces such as slopes.