spray guard

The use of high pressure water in the industrial pressure washer machine significantly increases the speed of cleaning operations and allows washing a wide range of contaminants. This industrial cleaning equipment is commonly used as one of the most popular devices in various environments, both industrial and domestic. However, this high pressure makes it necessary to fully observe some safety points when working with the device. Industrial pressure washer spray guard as an important equipment, has an effective role in establishing safety, protection of the user and the environment, and with the possibility of easy installation on high pressure washers, plays a very effective role in controlling the water spread around, when washing using From the device.

high pressure washer spray guard applications

This widely used piece is made of compressed and transparent plastic, and with its suitable quality and high resistance, is easily placed on the device and at the same time has a very low weight. The spray guard is an essential device and is compatible with all types of industrial pressure washer machines, and its use, especially when equipping the machine with a rotating nozzle, it helps to keep the rest of the parts dry. The use of spray guard significantly increases the user's safety and prevents the possibility of various accidents, especially when working with high pressure devices.

- Rotating  and needle nozzle and spray guard

Since in a rotating and needle nozzle, water comes out of the device with more pressure than in a flat nozzle, it will be more possible to spray water around when it hits the surface. But by using this durable protector, this can be prevented. spray guard can be used regardless of the type of device, type of lances and nozzle and working pressure of the device and is used when washing different surfaces and parts.