Industrial detergent Procur

category : Scrubber Dryer
Industrial detergent Procur

Detergent Procur is a practical detergent which due to the preservatives, protect the floor surfaces against pollution and considerably reduce the rate of re-contamination of surfaces and the adhesion of contaminants such as gum and dark stain of the shoes. This detergent has a high ability to remove the deep layer of contamination. Using wet wiping methods, renew the properties of preservative materials and prevent the protective layer to be thick. This detergent has a wide range of the usage of washing and cleaning the all water resistant floor surfaces such as epoxy, PVC, marble and rubber surfaces.

The feature and the ingredients of the detergent Procur

This detergent completely dries without any stain. As the other feature of this detergent can mention to the opaque and non-slipping layer which increase the use of this detergent in the places such as gymnasium and nursing home. Nonionic surfactants, ware-soluble solvents, preservative, additives, dyes, fragrances are the main ingredients of this detergent. The pH value of the concentrate form is about 4.5 and the ready to use form is about 7.

How to use the Procur

This detergent has a high concentration and each dosing unit, is equal to 25 ml. For washing surfaces with the floor scrubber, dilute one dose of the detergent in the 8 liters of cold water. For light soiling can use only half dose.

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