600 liter vacuum pre separator

When it is necessary to collect a high volume of material in various industries, it is better to use a pre separator tank. Pre separator tank is used with industrial vacuum cleaners and it has been equipped with cyclone technology. A cyclone is defined as a method which makes spiral air flow that cause to remove fine particles from the air, before keeping in touch with filter. The pre separator volume is 600 liters and it is installed between industrial vacuum cleaner and materials which are collecting. 

At first, the materials are vacuumed up into pre separator and because of cyclone technology will make spiral and accelerating movement. Thus, light and heavy particles separate from each other. The light particles that have been separated from heavier materials and the heavier particles remains in the pre separator and the lighter dust are sent to the industrial vacuum cleaner.

600 liters pre separator discharges from inside and it is used in various industries with a variety of applications, including recovery of materials, reducing the load on the systems, reducing the filter damaging , increase filter longevity, reducing the possibility of clogging Filter and many other usages. In steel, oil and gas, petrochemical industries and other industries pre separator is an efficient tool because many of the problems related to the collection of materials, light and heavy materials separating and material handling will be removed. The tilting 600 liters pre separator has been equipped with wheels for easy transferring and it is able to skip with forklift intakes.