Industrial detergent Veriprop

category : Scrubber Dryer
Industrial detergent Veriprop

Veriprop is a suitable detergent for doing routine surface cleaning with the floor scrubber device. It can be easily wash and clean water-repellent floor surfaces.

The features and the ingredients of the Veriprop

This detergent dries streak-free and has a high ability to absorb the dirt and remove them. It can be used on all water-resistance surfaces. Anionic-surfactants, noionic-surfactants, water-soluble solvent, dyes and fragrances are the main ingredients of this industrial detergent. The pH value in concentrate form is about 9.5 and in ready-to-use form is approximately 8.5.  

How to use Veriprop 

This detergent has a high concentration and each dosing unite is equal to 40 ml. for using this detergent in cleaning, should dilute each dose unite in 8 liters of cold water. For cleaning the water-repellent surfaces can use double doses. 

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