window washer

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window washer

Washing and cleaning glass and smooth surfaces need to utilize some special cleaning tools that are designed especially for cleaning and washing glasses. One of the best tools for glass washing and cleaning process is the window washer. This equipment can help clean up completely, and then no contamination remains after washing or cleaning. The most important equipment used to wash glass and other smooth surfaces is washing pads and the window washer is also a kind of washing pad.  After washing a space with foam, shampoo or detergent, you can thoroughly rinse and clean any kind of those surfaces with these cleaning pads that called window washer. It also has the ability to get tied up during hard usage and use again. They can be used with cleaning pads. In this way, this set of glass cleaning pads provides ease of cleaning process and has many advantages.

Features of the glass pad (window washer) and the benefits of using it

The cleaning pad and stacked glass handle is made of stainless steel, and will not be damaged by time and continuous exposure to moisture and also its water resistant. The angle of these cleaning cloths can be changed to suit the job in order to ease the process of washing the angle parts of the surfaces. The pad is made of high quality wool and this fiber is not sleeping or damaged over time. In general, the use of this set is based on the extraordinary features that have advantages, which we will refer to some of them in the following:

  •  Possibility to replace the pad and so it's possible to refresh the glass pan
  •  Increase the rinse rate because of result in clean surface in one go
  •  Lack of contamination and increased washing quality due to high quality pads
  •  Ease of use due to ergonomic design and construction