vacuum cleaner curved conical nozzle

A 90 ° curved conical rubber nozzle with connector is used for collecting of oil, liquids, dust and other pollutants and it is fitted to suction hose of industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners. This nozzle eliminates contamination of hard to reach areas such as crevices, seams and grooves of industrial facilities, via the narrow diameter inlet and flexible 90 ° bending. On the other hand, with anti static properties for cleaning and removing dust, surfaces with elegance and high sensitivity, such as electrical switchboards, electronic circuit boards, sockets and electrical circuits, electrical panels and ... are suitable. The curved conical rubber nozzle has a 90 degree flexure pointed vacuum inlet, which results in a more intrusive penetration of the surface, resulting in a suction process that is more complete. In order to prevent the airway from closing, it is necessary to pay attention to the airflow rate of the vacuum cleaner when using this nozzle.

Contamination accumulated at angular points or holes, which do not have full access to these parts during cleaning, can be collected through a vacuum cleaner curved conical rubber nozzle. One of the best usages of this professional nozzle include the ability of collecting small metal chips trapped in the slots of cutting or lathe machines, and in the presence of oily fluids in these machines, these types of materials also simplicity, will be collected. Explosion proof vacuum cleaners are used to collect materials that have the property of static electricity, which increases the potential and probability of electric discharges. If the cleaning of local contaminants and hard of reach areas is considered, the curved nozzle, which is an anti static tool, with these vacuums can be used. Thanks to the long and flexible neck it is possible to access any difficult places.