vacuum cleaner flat nozzle

Vacuum cleaner aluminum flat nozzle is used for cleaning corners, edges, tight area, slots, valves, thin surfaces and so on. Out of reach and hidden places, which are bypassed by normal vacuum cleaner path, at various levels, especially in industrial environments will be cleaned by flat nozzles. This nozzle can be used easily with industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners which collects hard trapped contaminants at very narrow leaner surfaces. Additionally, unplugged surfaces that are underneath the equipment and machinery will be cleaned by a sintered aluminum nozzle because the nozzle is easily accessible to limited spaces due to its robustness and compact design, dust and other Collecting pollutants. Another application of aluminum flat nozzle is vacuuming of liquids that can completely absorb the material from corners and angles, and in most cases, when it is necessary to collect both solid and liquid, it is not necessary to replace the nozzle, it means the nozzle eliminates switching nozzle when you change from vacuuming liquids to vacuuming solids.

In factories, refineries and other industrial units, various pollution will be produced, which is the cause of many problems. On the other hand, wastes in areas where access to them is simply not feasible adds to the problems. In order to allow such parts to be cleaned by industrial vacuum cleaners, aluminum flat nozzles are manufactured on various sizes and used according to the distance from the user to the desired point. A part of the nozzle is cylindrical and more than half of it is flat, connected from the cylindrical part to the vacuum cleaner suction hose, and the other part is used to vacuum up pollutants. The flat nozzle is available in 500 and 1000 mm.