central sweeper brush

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central sweeper brush

Industrial sweeper is known as one of the most widely used industrial cleaning devices and its operating mechanism is designed with the benefit of engineering sciences and modern technologies. The brushing system is the most important part of the operation of this machine, which consists of two types of roller brushes and disc brushes. The roller brush is the central sweeper brush that is installed in the central and lower part of the device and collects all the contaminants in the sweeper movement path.

Unique design of central sweeper brush

The central sweeper brush has a large width that covers the width of the device. This brush moves in a counter-clockwise direction, and such a function will cause contaminants to enter the garbage tank from above, thus filling the tank from the floor and using its maximum capacity.

The fibers of the central brush of the sweeper are V-shaped, thus collecting the contaminants completely and without throwing them around and transferring them to the tank of the device. This type of design is suitable for installation on large devices and cleaning large environments and has the lowest row and the highest fiber density in each row.

With this type of design, there is more empty space between the rows of brush fibers and therefore it is quite suitable for collecting larger contaminants such as cans, leaves, etc.

The V-shaped twist of the brush strands and the way the fibers are distributed contribute to the exceptional performance of the roller sweeper brush. Provides small metal chips, etc. The central brush is made of plastic fibers or natural fibers.