Microfiber V-Sweeper Mop

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Microfiber V-Sweeper Mop

Cleaning and collecting dirt, dust and debris from the surface using ordinary tees is often difficult and time consuming for the user. The use of V-SWEEPER provides the user with ease in collecting and cleaning environments with high or low width. Therefore, V-SWEEPER can be used in cleaning corridors, bathrooms, halls and rooms and easily remove all kinds of dirt and waste particles from them. The use of appropriate cleaning equipment and tools in the environment, in addition to facilitating the process, improves the quality and speeds up cleaning.

You can use the V-SWEEPER in the environment of hospitals, health centers, offices, commercial centers, hotel lobbies and conference halls for maximum cleaning qualities. Among the capabilities and features of this cleaning tool, we can mention the ability to change its easy cleaning width. In this way, the user will be able to easily use it in cleaning narrow corridors or large halls. In the following, we will refer to other features and characteristics of V-SWEEPER.

Advantages and features of V-SWEEPER in cleaning surfaces

  • Possibility to use 150 or 180 cm tees to increase the cleaning width
  • Can be used in environments and corridors with low width
  • Possibility to be equipped with microfiber cleaning series to increase the quality of cleaning
  • Made of durable polymeric material
  • Adjust the cleaning width using scissors-shaped knobs
  • Scissor-shaped handle for collecting dirt and dust and adjusting the cleaning width
  • V frame holding hinge in the center of sweeper
  • Increase the speed, quality and ease of the cleaning process in large or narrow environments