Walk Behind Scrubber

 Walk Behind Scrubber -  Walk Behind Scrubber

Walk behind scrubbers are one of the most useful industrial floor cleaning devices which use one or two rotary brushes for scrubbing and lifting light debris, dust, oil and grease from the floor surfaces. Then by vacuuming the dirty water via vacuum motors and squeegee that is attached to the back of the machine, it dries the floor surfaces. Syndicate washing and drying process are one of the most important features of industrial floor scrubber. Driving force of walk behind scrubber is provided by the operator or motor which is installed into the machine. This kind of industrial floor scrubber is a useful device for small areas and narrow or congested spaces.


Floor scrubbers are a more hygienic and high quality alternative to traditional cleaning methods such as mop and bucket. User friendly and other features of industrial scrubber are the case of Rising popularity between users. Walk behind scrubber has more compact size then riding one. The capacity of water tanks (solution tank and recovery tank) and working width depend on the size of the machine. The working width in walk behind scrubbers, depending on the size of the device can change between 35 to 66 centimeters and the capacity of the tanks can be 10 to 60 liters. For getting easier to move, the larger models of walk behind scrubbers, are equipped with driving motor. The material of scrubber dryer’s body is made of polyurethane which has a good strength against any potential impacts.


Moreover, the scrubber dryers are often used indoors, in order to prevent toxic gas production, generally use electrical energy. According to the electric power supply, the walk behind scrubber is categorized into the mains-operated and the battery-operated. According to the installation battery, battery-operated floor scrubber has more weight than mains-operated one.

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