Continuously duty vacuum Cleaner

Continuously duty vacuum Cleaner

An industrial vacuum cleaner is a useful device which has numerous applications in industries and is the best option for heavy industrial cleanings and collecting of dust. Speed and power of the suction are the main factors in the industrial vacuum cleaner. Increasing the speed suction causes the cleaning process to finish in a short time. On the other hand, increasing water lift causes the vacuum cleaner to have a higher ability to suck more dense materials.

In comparison with semi-industrial and commercial vacuum cleaner, due to the use of a turbine, the industrial vacuum cleaner has higher power and ability for cleaning. Since the Industrial vacuum cleaners equipped with turbine motor have a higher ability to continue their work. Using a side channel pump in the industrial vacuum cleaner increases the power of the suction device. By using more than one motor in the industrial vacuum cleaner, the speed of the cleaning process increases and as a result, the cleaning can be finished in a shorter time.

 vacuum cleaner with 3 motor 

Since the body of the industrial vacuum cleaner is made of stainless steel, has a higher strength to be used in heavy industrial cleaning. Using big wheels in the structure of the industrial vacuum cleaner makes the transportation of the device very convenient. In order to prevent the separation of dust into the environment, the industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with the very powerful high surface filtration system. For better separation of dust and increasing the lifespan of the filtration device, most of the industrial vacuum cleaners use cyclonic separation system. Through the use of various flexible hoses and nozzles, an industrial vacuum cleaner can access to inaccessible areas.

In addition, to collect dry dust, most of the industrial vacuum cleaners are also able to collect liquids. Using an industrial vacuum cleaner instead of the traditional methods, in addition to increases the quality and speed of the cleaning process, have a considerable impact on costs.

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