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برای اطلاع از قیمت ها و مشاوره خرید محصولات با ما در ارتباط باشید ۸۷۱۸۴-۰۲۱

Ride on Sweeper

Ride on Sweeper - Ride on Sweeper

Industrial ride on sweeper device which is created for cleaning flat and wide outdoor surfaces such as outside of commercial or residential buildings, parking area, parks, streets and industrial areas. Industrial ride on sweeper is equipped with a user seat and operator leads the device by sitting on it. Since the operator sits on the device and does cleaning, becomes less tired and has more energy to continue cleaning process, therefore efficiency and productivity would be increased by using industrial ride on sweeper for cleaning.

Industrial ride on sweeper is a good option to be used for cleaning instead of traditional ways, because the working width of this device is so wide and causes a decrease in the amount of cleaning time. In comparison with traditional methods, ride on sweeper has higher quality and more ability to gather dust and all kinds of contaminants. For comparison with industrial walk behind sweeper, the working width of the ride on sweeper is more, therefore ride on sweeper has a special ability to clean wide and large areas. This device, as the same as walk behind sweeper, uses one or two beside brooms for gathering dust and contaminants. The rotary movement of the disk brooms sweep all contaminants in the middle of the device and then collected contaminants are transferred in to the sweeper’s hopper by rotation of the cylindrical or roller central broom.

To prevent of separating dust, which is caused by rotation movements of the beside brooms, industrial ride on sweeper are equipped with suction system. Also the hopper of this device uses a filtration system for Prevention of dust emissions. The filters that are used to ride on sweeper are cartridge or packet filters. Industrial ride on sweeper is a safe and so user friendly device. The power supply of ride on sweeper is battery or fossil fuel.