Cable scrubber dryer

One the most practical model of floor scrubber dryers is main powered scrubber dryer. The required energy for machine operation in this kind of cleaning machine is provided by electricity and direct connection to power socket. The ride-one scrubbers' power source is battery or diesel but ride-one scrubbers are not cable-powered. Unlike ride-on scrubbers, a large number of walk-behind scrubbers are designed and produced as cable powered ones and this version of floor cleaning machines are so popular.

The advantages of main cable scrubber dryer

Where there is no limitation in easy access to power socket, the cable powered scrubber dryer is the most suitable floor cleaning machine. This version has different advantages including:

Continuous power
The main reason for popularity of main powered scrubber is that it is not dependent on battery or fuel. So there is no worry about low fuel or charge and you can use the machine any where and any time.

Less weight
The cable powered scrubber are lighter the battery powered since the battery and its compartment is omitted in this model. When the scrubber has no traction motor the weight of machine is important. Heavier machine means the user is forced to spend more energy to push the machine.

Less cost
When the consumer is going to buy a main powered scrubber , he does not pay for battery. So these models are cheaper than the same scrubber with battery as power source. In addition, the expense of fueling will be omitted.

More powerful motor
The electric motor in cable powered scrubber is more powerful than batter powered one. So the brush motor and suction motors are more powerful too. And the pressure and speed of brush is higher. In addition, the machine can suck the remaining water and dirt with more power.

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