Blasting with water or water sandblasting refers to a process which abrasive particles such as silica or sand are mixed with high pressure water produced by high pressure machine. This mixture of water and abrasive materials is sprayed on metal surface and the layers of rust or something like that will be destroyed. Water blasting technology has many uses and it is an important way in various industries for cleaning and preparation of surfaces with different dimensions. The high pressure machines are portable devices which they caused to water blasting operations carried out with ease and to peel levels no need to be moving piece.

Water blasting method advantages

Blasting with water is an efficient and cost effective method that is superior to air sandblasting; because the dry sand blasting produces a large amount of dust, so a heavy pollution will be left into the air and the environment. While sandblast with water that has a tremendous impact on cleaning operation of the surface with excellent quality prepare and no pollution remained. As a result the environment will be protected and people don't breathe dusts. The abrasive particles are heavier than water and they used to make the hard layers on metal are stamped, removed. Since the water used in sandblasting method is low and this method offers a high quality of performance, among various industries use it more and more expanded.

The water sandblasting applications

In order to, removal rust, removal layers of decaying paint and preparation of metal surfaces, etc. the sandblasting machines can be used and it will be done without damaging of original surface and the initial state of area will be restored. With the use of industrial high pressure machines with an operating pressure of 200 to 500 can be fulfilled water blasting process. Peeling from the body of tanks, pipes, steel structures, industrial equipment, etc. will be done professionally via water sandblasting.

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