nobac scrubber

The following are some good features and environments usable antibacterial scrubber described above

The benefits of antibacterial scrubber (NoBac) Increase hygiene

Device scrubber hospital tank made of polyethylene enriched with minerals and anti-bacterial, which are in use, the compounds of the start up and growth of any bacteria at any point hard and blindness prevention and Similarly, without the use of chemicals to prevent the growth of microbes.

Increase security

One feature utilizes the device scrubber is that this device with suction remaining water after washing into the water tank dirty, wet surface and prevent the same from sliding of the surface prevents and security despite the perfect wash and clean environment is maintained.

More quickly in the wash

In environments such as hospitals needs to be done as soon as possible processes such as washing and cleaning and prevents movement of doctors, nurses, patients, caregivers and others not. The sound of washing is not pleasant for patients and scrubber using high speed wash and clean environment will be provided immediately.

The use of scrubbers hospital in different places

MOP medical devices can use in different places in the foreground of microbial growth or places where hygiene is important they be used. For example, in schools because of the importance of hygiene for students, especially students little as possible ground and surface skin of the earth and polluting its not touch or medical offices or laboratories due to the movement of patients in these places, there is a growing microbes, can be used antibacterial scrubber.

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