Iranian scrubber

Cleaning the floor surfaces of commercial buildings and halls has become very important due to the increasing growth of shopping malls and entertainment centers. Ebrahim Company, considering this need of commercial centers, designed and produced Iranian scrubbers. This walk-behind scrubber dryer supplies its power directly from the city electricity. The ergonomic design of the device allows long use and continuous operation for the user. Iranian walk-behind scrubber can be used in environments with harsh working conditions. Iranian floor scrubber machine can be used for washing stone, ceramic, concrete, epoxy, and other types of surface coatings.

Capabilities and advantages of Iranian scrubber

Among the points that you should consider when preparing a suitable scrubber are easy portability, the resistance of the device, and its easy use by different people. Iranian electric scrubber has high maneuverability, suitable dimensions, high-quality parts, and a double-walled body made of polyurethane. The design and operation of the device are very easy and far from complex. In order to clean and remove residual contaminants in the Iranian floor scrubber dryer, have easy access to the space inside the tank, and parts such as squeegee, pads, and brushes, filters, and hoses can be cleaned, removed and replaced. The appropriate volume of clean and dirty water tanks in the Iranian scrubber makes this device ideal for cleaning large areas. With the power cable to provide the necessary energy for the operation of the device, there is no need to worry about the battery and can be cleaned continuously and at any time. The suction system of this mechanized cleaning device ensures a complete collection of contaminants and dries the surface completely. Therefore, it reduces the risk of slipping after washing and allows people to use the environment as you are washing the surface.

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