ind vacuum cleaner unit and its applications in industry

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Today, with the progress of industries and factories, environmental pollution is rapidly increasing, which can be hazardous to the health of individuals and employees present in the environment.Because this dust and fine particles, which are in large amounts in the environment, dense and bulky, can damage the respiratory system, so to prevent the spread of dust and fine wastes depending on the amount and type of pollution in the industry. Created We need a suction machine and its job is to suck fine pollutants in industrial and semi-industrial environments.

Features of ind vacuum cleaner unit

2-Designed and manufactured in different types with the same performance
3-Environmentally friendly performance and conditions
4-Equipped with powerful motor
5-Significant and very high suction

ind vacuum cleaner unit applications

-Collection of pollutants from metal turning processes, metal cutting and welding of metal, wood cutting and chemical processes Collecting powders and fine materials such as ash Collect small pieces of plastic and paper Ability to collect toxic and flammable substances Cleansing the production line of powders High 2–power and speed High capacity to collect heavy and coarse material such as rock
-Designed for use in harsh conditions
-Hard work and permanent work
-Powerful filtration system
-Easy transfer to desired location
-Low volume level
-Saving time
-High suction range
-Prevent particles from returning to the environment
-Used to drain silos
-Used in aerospace, car repair shops, cabinets, chemical, electronics, laboratories, metalworking and paper production
-Reduce the amount of maintenance and repair of industrial machinery

Application of ind vacuum cleaner unit applications

In cement plants Typically in cement plants, large amounts of raw materials and annual products are scattered and wasted in the environment, resulting in irreparable financial losses.To combat these problems, improving the cleanliness of these sites and preventing hazards and illnesses for those working on site and reducing environmental hazards and enhancing the quality of cleanliness requires the use of ind vacuum cleaner unit applications It is a good way to achieve these goals.
ind vacuum cleaner unit applications are used in cement industries and factories to clean production lines, areas and warehouses, transport and collect materials and return them to the production cycleApplication of ind vacuum cleaner unit applications
in food industry In the food industry environment, due to the production of powdered materials such as sugar and flour, dust is released into the environment during production and its accumulation can be hazardous and only cause a spark to explode. And also because of the hygienic and antibacterial and bacterial sensitivities of vacuum, it is used as a functional service device to save people costs and minimizes the need for a service worker to clean the environment and collect materials and waste with Health sensitivities are used to eliminate problems and create safety in the workplace. Pay attention to health sensitivities to eliminate problems and create safety in the workplace.

Application of ind vacuum cleaner in pharmaceutical industry

In the environments where the drug is produced and packaged, there is a lot of pollution and dust, if not eliminated, leading to the production of an ineffective and ineffective product for the patients and also the safety and health. It brings quality products to our staff and production. The use of vacuum in the industry can also help clear the production line of powders and collect toxic and flammable materials.

ind vacuum cleaner in steel industry

An important and integral part of the steel industry is iron ore. Iron ore is a powder material that remains on the surface. This ind vacuum cleaner can be used to suction the material back into the production cycle using a suction pump.
Suction application in aluminum industry. It is one of the most widely used aluminum industries where the metal is changed in different ways and the conditions are quite different and large parts because the aluminum dust is a flammable oxide prevents oxygen diffusion and chemical reaction. It can be dangerous, so using suction in this industry is an effective way to deal with these risks.


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