Hefter Company was founded by Gorge Hefter in 1993 in Germany. This company for more than 20 years has been developed, manufactured and sold the highest quality cleaning machines which have been patented technologies.

The founder of the company put the highest level of standards as for quality and functionality of the cleaning machines developed in his company. These are reasons why all of the Hefter products are distinguished from the other products and finally it made possible the foundation of Hefter cleantech. At that time neither the available cleaning machines on the market had met his demands. It was an important reason why Gorge Hefter had own prototypes and made them developed by engineers to meet his and requirements.

Gorge Hefter was looking for cleaning machines to his machine builder, which can satisfy all of the requirements. Out of dissatisfaction about the current and available products, the engineers of Hefter started to develop own prototypes, which can be corresponded with Hefter ideas. Meanwhile, Hefter technological and innovative cleaning machines manufactured. The Hefter Company is exporting its products to more than 30 countries all around the world.

High innovative Hefter cleantech cleaning machines operate in less time for cleaning operation and therefore the working hours will reduce, also these machines protect the environment in their perfect and sustainable functionality. It is possible to adjust the machine in less water consumption mode.

Hefter scrubber dryer machines include a perfect series of patented systems to develop the productivity of these kinds of cleaning machines that is the main core of floor cleaning op in various buildings.

Hefter cleantech makes the owners proud on the numerous innovative and patented integrated features into the cleaning equipment. For example is shrinkable wings which can be widen on the large areas and clean the floor in a single pass at the touch of a button.

Hefter products