Lehmann Company has established in 1895 in Germany and since that time up to now is providing and improving all the time. This company works always based on quality, reliability and perfect services and also supports its customers all around the world. Lehmann systems and products contain outdoor cleaning tools which provide financing, solutions and services, so that the customers just concentrate on their activities.

Lehmann for its products, users and society takes responsibility completely and try to be a perfect manufacturer every time. As a more important issue they have goal of health and safety at work environment, more development and education as well as they pay attention to take care of the users. Lehmann Company has secured functions successfully over decades according to make cooperation with local workshops.

Lehmann has provided efficient systems and products which are able to increase customer's performances and at the same time will protect the environment. The innovative methods ensure implementation of a stable cleaning by using perfect equipment that can reduce water consumption and detergent and other cleaning agents.

Lehmann products which have been designed with innovative technologies are produced for glass and facade cleaning professionally that work more efficient and safe. All types of tools and equipment have been balanced carefully and there are secure and perfect connections between various components. These factors allow the customers to implement routine cleaning operations calmly and smoothly.

These days the cleaning business requirements increase and need more efficient, reliable and versatile technologies; thus Lehmann can meet these needs perfect and this company is monitoring materials and architecting continuously with high accuracy. The Lehmann products can clean the outdoor facade up to 21 meters. This equipment guarantees high quality, high efficiency and compatibility of the cleaning operations and in field of glass and façade cleaning, the new generation of tools work technically. 

Lehmann products