Tennant is one of the most well-known manufacturers of industrial cleaning products worldwide. Major reputation of this company is due to the production of specialized cleaning and washing machines that are applicable to industrial and commercial environments with high breadth and difficult working conditions. The company's hard-working cleaning products, including floor scrubber and sweeper, are available in various industries for cleaning and washing at various levels.

Tennant History

Tennant was founded in 1870 by George H. Tennant. The company began its business in the field of woodworking business and, in its development, became a successful supplier of flooring and wood products and finally the manufacturer of floor cleaning and floor cleaning equipment. In 1932, Tennant began manufacturing surface-cleaning machines such as scrubbers, which became a major development in this area. In fact, Tennant is the first manufacturer of floor cleaning equipment.
In 1963, the company designed the sweeper-scrubber combination device for the first time and was able to make another change in industrial cleaning machines, which is a highly efficient device in this area. Tennant introduced his first manned scrubber in 1970 and after eight years, his first manual scrubber. After consolidating its position since 2002, the company has been designing innovative technologies in this area, and with the ReadySpacy design to quickly wash and dry carpets and carpets, ec-H2O for converting water to detergents, Fast Foam-activated Scrubbing for washing The hard surfaces of Orbio as a substitute for many common daily detergents have been a step in the field of new technologies.

The cause of Tennant's differentiation with other companies

About a century and a half, Tennant has always emphasized the use of modern technologies in product design and production, and the creation of a culture of creativity and innovation in the field of industrial cleaning equipment, which has won dozens of award-winning and renowned certification in the field of innovation. Today, the name Tennant is synonymous with quality, technology and resistance, and is recognized as one of the world's leading manufacturers of designing, producing and delivering modern cleaning products and solutions for creating a cleaner, safer and healthier world.