Oertzen is an independent and successful company which has been specializing on industrial high-pressure washers for more than 60years. The high reliability and robustness of Oertzen products causes the customers and business owner to put their trust in Oertzen and chose its powerful water jetting systems for a wide range of applications including derusting, pipe cleaning, façade cleaning, industrial cleaning, concrete restoration, ship cleaning and etc. high-pressure aggregates of Oertzen incorporate a unique synthesis of power and reliability. They are heavy duty and ensure a hassle free continuous operation which gives confidence for planning and practice.

Only premium materials and top quality components are used in the production of Oertzen high-pressure cleaners. Powerful electric motors and diesel engines designed for 100% continuous operation, high-quality plunger pumps with forged brass pump head and wear-free ceramic plungers, stainless steel valves, and forged crankshafts, heavy duty steel or stainless steel frames guarantee the outstanding efficiency and surpassing the performance of these machines. The operating pressure of Oertzen high-pressure washers can vary from 200 to 1800 bar in different models so the customers can choose a unit which exactly meets their needs. And in addition to hot water high-pressure washers, some cold water version can be equipped with external hot boxes and produce hot water.

Furthermore, each of Oertzen units can be equipped with a wide range of original accessories which makes the basic machine flexible and adaptable to lots of various applications.

Oertzen is also able to provide its customers with individually designed units and tailor-made solutions which are totally custom-made to leave no demand unfulfilled. So decision makers of the most authorized enterprises all over the world have been purchasing Oertzen machine for decades and appreciate the power, quality, and service of Oertzen.

On all continents of the world, Oertzen export partners ensure professional guidance for its demanding customers as well, giving confidence in always taking the right option with Oertzen.