Istobal company started its activity in the spring of 1950 as a small repair shop and it took first steps on its way to becoming a leader in car washing industry by manufacturing of a highly successful greasing machine. Istobal's first pressure-operated manual rollover was born in 1963 and Some years later, Istobal developed the first ever 100% Spanish car wash machine. Nowadays, with presence if over 60 countries, Istobal is known as an international brand in the design, manufacture, and marketing of wash solutions for the automotive sector.

Istobal research, development, and innovation department including a team of professionals with great talent, experience and creativity is constantly working on new ideas and pioneering technologies to meeting the customers' needs and car wash market's demands. Many patents of Istobal's R & D departments have proved. Istobal is above the Spanish and European average R&D investment and this company has increased R&D investments by 50% over the past five years.

The Istobal mission is to design and supply car wash systems with the best balance between quality, service, and price based on profitability, flexibility and innovation criteria. In order to achieve the highest quality standards, Istobal has re-invented the traditional quality control system and transformed it into an integrated program right from the design phase, at the same time complying with governmental regulations in the countries where its products are marketed. Besides, all products are designed and manufactured by means of CAD programs connected to CAM ones.

Istobal's vast investment in the research and development of new energy-efficiency systems, water treatment equipment and etc shows Istobal's strong commitment to the environment.

Today Istobal has seven subsidiaries and tow assembly plants in Europe, and two. subsidiaries and assembly plants in the US and Brazil and its products are exported to more than 75 countries.