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برای اطلاع از قیمت ها و آخرین محصولات با ما در ارتباط باشید ۸۷۱۸۴-۰۲۱

Floor Sweeper

Industrial sweepers have been designed and built in order to clean and collect ground pollution, especially in large environments. They are all equipped with a cylindrical central brush, and a set of two - sided disk brushes one of which can be installed alternatively.

Collected waste material is transferred into the central part of sweeper through side brushes. Industrial floor sweepers are designed in ride-on style, so they are driven by the operator and while moving, they collect all the dirt on their way. Industrial floor sweepers have dual performance systems, including mechanical and suction systems which operate simultaneously; This feature makes the machine work more efficiently by preventing dust emissions into the air.

Performance of the mechanical system is based on brushes’ movement that collect dust and debris and shed them into the hopper. The Suction system which has been set on side brushes vacuums up dust and prevents the spread of particles into the air.

Industrial sweeper is an efficient device with extraordinary functions that is utilized in various types of environment like commercial environments, industries, hard industries, etc. The machine removes all kinds of light and heavy contamination such as soil, mud, gravel, sand, cement and any other solid materials from the floor. Industrial sweepers have been produced in a variety of sizes and models, that's why there are no limitations in their use.

Different types of technological sweepers have replaced the traditional manual ways and make a lot of benefits and advantages that could not be achieved through traditional ways. Depending on the size and power supply that floor sweepers are empowered with (electricity or a diesel engine), they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Sweepers with electrical engines are suitable for indoors and the industrial sweepers with diesel fuel are suitable for cleaning outdoors.