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An industrial sofa washing machine is one of the most common furniture cleaning machines with the ability to deeply wash the fibers and textures of sofa fabrics, which can easily remove contaminants from surfaces and ensure the cleanliness of this category of office and home appliances. The use of sofa washing machines in welfare complexes, service centers, hotels, and entertainment complexes can greatly increase the speed and quality of cleaning. Various pieces of equipment have been provided for more convenience when working with mechanized sofa washers. The use of this equipments and accessories in the industrial furniture washing machine will bring better quality and higher speed of furniture cleaning.

All kinds of equipment and accessories for industrial sofa washing

There are different types of equipment and accessories for furniture washing, and the use of each of them will have advantages in cleaning the furniture. In the following, we will refer to some of these types of equipment and accessories of the industrial sofa washing machine.

Foam spray and suction nozzle

In order to obtain the desired and optimal result for cleaning furniture, various suction nozzles have been designed and produced in furniture washing machines so that this machine can wash all distances and parts of furniture and guarantee its complete cleanliness. The use of nozzles in the industrial sofa washing machine greatly increases the quality and speed of cleaning and completely removes contaminants from the fabric. Some spray and suction nozzles are equipped with two outlets for foam spraying, which increase the speed and quality of cleaning compared to single-outlet nozzles.
The material of this nozzle is stainless steel and they are designed and produced in two pieces in order to increase the ease of maintenance. Low weight and suitable thickness of the tube of this nozzle make using this sofa washing equipment easy for the user.

Hose and suction hose

The sofa washing machine is equipped with a hose and a suction hose to increase the user's ease of use of the machine. This hose with different lengths makes it possible to use the device in dense environments and provides the user with ease of movement during cleaning and maintenance of industrial sofa wash. This hose consists of two separate parts for moving detergent foam and contaminants removed from the furniture. The proper construction quality of hoses ensures their long-term use and increases their resistance to abrasion, heat, and corrosion. These types of equipment are capable of withstanding pressures up to 3000 bar and temperatures of about 120 ° C. The use of brass fittings in these hoses provides users with easy connection and high strength.

Foam heating system

The industrial furniture washing machine uses foam and high-temperature foam to provide optimal and quality cleaning of furniture. Using a compressor, this machine converts detergents into foam and heats the foam heating system produced. In this way, the industrial sofa cleaner can solve the stubborn impurities in itself with the hot foam produced and separate them completely from the fabric texture of the furniture. Ancillary equipment such as the heating system in the industrial furniture washing machine ensures an increase in the quality of furniture cleaning. Foam heating equipment in industrial sofa washing can heat foam and detergent to the user's desired temperature. The power consumption of the device is adjusted according to the temperature of the output foam and makes the use of this equipment in industrial furniture washing cost-effective.

Different detergents

The equipment and detergents used in washing furniture are produced in such a way as to prevent damage to the fabric texture while working with the industrial furniture washing machine, and on the other hand, to provide the desired cleaning quality for the user. A variety of detergents are provided for washing furniture, each of which is suitable for a specific type of furniture cleaning machine. By knowing the types of these detergents, you can choose the right detergent for your device and in addition to obtaining the desired quality of cleaning, prevent damage to the fabric of the furniture.

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