cleaning brush

cleaning brush - cleaning brush

Cleaning brush is one of the most widely used equipment with the industrial high-pressure washer. Using a cleaning brush with high-pressure washer improves the cleaning power and clean the pollutants from a variety of surfaces fast. installing the cleaning brush to the machine gun, makes the user be able to clean all types of contaminated surfaces easily. On the other hand, the long handle of the cleaning brush makes it easy to access, clean, and rinse areas which are out of reach, thus significantly increase the quality of the cleaning. The fibers of these brushes, by penetrating all the contaminate particles from the porous surfaces, increase the quality of cleaning. In addition, the use of cleaning brushes and high-pressure washer simultaneously reduces dramatically in energy consumption and cleaning time.

The material of the cleaning brush

Since the cleaning brushes are in direct contact with water and detergents, to increase the useful life and prevent rusting of the cleaning brush body, corrosion resistant and rust resistant materials have been used in their structure. The fibers of these brushes are very soft and so that they do not damage the surface.

Application of cleaning brush

The cleaning brushes have a wide range of usages, such as washing the body of the vehicle, the exterior walls of the building, outdoor furniture, and fences. Soft brushes without scratching on surfaces, remove all contaminants from inside the pores and improve the quality of the cleaning and Increase the speed of cleaning.