three phase electric pressure washer

The water jet has two kind of models. the three phase pressure washer or water jet and the single phase. The first model has three phase electric motor. this one is suitable for industrial usage and can not directly connect to the usual city power supply and needs special equipment to start working. Three-phase motors, because the constant and independent of time torque works smoothly. Useful efficiency of work and life cycle is a lot more than single-phase motor. The only problem is the lack of a direct connection to the city power supply. Industrial sites with three-phase power equipment, requiring more pressure and more powerful engine for cleaning by means of high pressure, can easily get benefit from this type of water jet. Water jet machines has technical specifications, which has turned it into an efficient tool. Below are details we'll cover about some of the three-phase water jet features.

Plunger pump

Performance and Mechanism of water jet machine depends to its pump that is the most important part of water jets and has the task of producing high-pressure water. Moving part of the pump is made of stainless steel, and has a high resistance. also the Plunger pomp can be suitable for industrial usage of waterjets.

Corrosion protection

in industrial water jets, some parts like cylinder has connection with water and humidity so this parts constructed from stainless steel or compact brass to protect them and increase life life span of the device.

Total stop system

when the user drop the gun output the pomp start a mechanism to prevent pomp damages; it opens an external way so that the water would goes there and again enters the pomp.

Slow running motor

This system causes to reduce engine starting pressure and the aawfull sound on startup time. so the device's life span increases.  

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