vacuum with 3 motors

the 3-motor vacuum cleaner is placed in the category of the semi-industrial and commercial vacuum cleaner and has a lot of power and performance compared to conventional 1-motor vacuum cleaners. In general, the reason for placing three vacuum motors in a semi-industrial vacuum cleaner is to increase the volume of vacuumed air, which increases the vacuum speed of the machine and increases the rate of material collection.

Different parts of the three-motor vacuum cleaners

The main parts of the three-motor vacuum cleaner include a vacuum pump, a filter, and three powerful motors. The three motors can operate independently. So it's possible to achieve vacuum speed in three modes: one motor, two motors, and three motors. The vacuum pump is another important part of this device, which, by creating a vacuum in the reservoir, makes it possible to transfer the particles and air to the container. Vacuum motors are divided into types of collectors and turbines that feed on the current. In these three-motor vacuum cleaners, three pumps come with three motors and a special key for each motor on the body. The vacuum cleaner tank is another part that is usually easily detachable. The filter is another part of this device that absorbs fine dust and protects the suction unit. Some of the three-motor vacuum cleaners that are special for oil and lubrication are used to protect the motor and pump against oil, dust and foam materials.

Features of Three-motor vacuum cleaner

Three-motor industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners are used to clean the environment where high-suction machines are required. The basis of the design of the three-motor brushes is the increase of the suction speed of the machine so that the motors can be turned on and off independently so that the suction speed can be turned on and off in accordance with the environmental conditions. That is, if a higher-maintenance cleaning process is to be performed, the user will light up three motors simultaneously, and if the time of the operation is not much different, one of the motors can be turned off.