floor cleaner nozzle

floor cleaner nozzle - floor cleaner nozzle

Round Cleaner is one of the most practical accessories for industrial high pressure washer which, compared with ordinary nozzles, significantly increases the speed of the cleaning and washing the floor surfaces. For increasing the nozzle's resistance to contact with water and detergents, as well as to increase its lifespan, this nozzle is made of stainless steel. These nozzles are designed to increase the power and speed of washing also reduce the spillage of water around the area. 

As the water drain section in this nozzle is tiny, the high-pressure water is concentrated on these outputs and therefore, it is sprayed outwards with greater pressure. Although in general the decrease in the cross-section of the water outlet nozzles decreases the operation speed, but the rotation of the nozzles in the round cleaner has a significant role in increasing the cross-sectional area of the rinsing and thus eventually increases the washing speed.

Generally, round cleaners are very similar to rotary nozzles, but in order to prevent the spraying of high pressure water into the surrounding areas, they are equipped with a spray guard. The use of round cleaner in washing operations and cleaning floor surfaces reduces the time that is needed for cleaning. Since the design of this nozzle is based on user-friendly, it's easy to use. For increasing the resistance and preventing potential damage from obstacles, the round cleaner is made of resistant materials.