round cleaner

Round cleaner is an accessory that used in high pressure washer machines. The tough and robust nozzle is made of stainless steel with 52 cm diameters. The floor cleaner nozzle is used in the رياprofessional cleaning of patios, car parks, factory floor, block paving, etc. Housing parts, fixing screws and guiding rods are made of stainless steel, water leading components are made of stainless steel or brass. 

The floor cleaner is suitable for pressure washers with a minimum water flow of 10 liters per minutes and a maximum flow rate of 19 liters per minutes. It also can be used in machines with a maximum working pressure of 210 bar. To operate a round cleaner, the user connects it to the pressure washer and clean the floor by using its handle safely and easily.  

Feature of using a round cleaner

The round cleaner places on the floor and remove dirt with minimum splash back and maximum power. Actually, the nozzle ensures excellent cleaning power and coverage with high speed spinning pressure. It is fitted with a handle to facilitate the cleaning operation. Also the housing parts, fixing screws and guiding rods are made of stainless steel to prevent the floor cleaner from rusting.