lance extension

Lance extension as a practical part of the high pressure washer, plays an important role in facilitating and expediting cleaning operations. Due to increased length of the lances, allows the user to access and wash the out of reach and difficult places and high points. 

Feature of using the lance extension

The lance extension has been designed and manufactured to enhance the lance length of the high pressure washer. To increase durability and rust prevention, the lance's body is made of stainless and can connect to all lenses of the Kranzle Industrial high pressure washer. The design and construction of this lance are based on the principles of engineering and thus prevents a drop in water pressure. Using the lance extension, provides better and easier access to difficult and distant points. It also does not disrupt the cleaning operations.

Dimensions Lance extension

Consideration of the appropriate length is particularly important because the excessive increase in the length of the high-pressure water outlet makes it difficult for the user to control the lance and ultimately affects the quality of the cleaning and washing operations. The lance extension is available in 50 and 100 centimeters long.