vacuum cleaner steel container

Most industrial vacuum cleaners have been provided with a container which is made of steel. The steel container makes the vacuum cleaner machine structure sturdy and robust instead of hit or harsh working conditions. So, it will be a powerful machine for operating in all industries. The steel tank have a thickness body, thus it can withstand when the amount of vacuum is in high level.

Steel container can be separated from the main body of the vacuum cleaner and this activity will be done by special accessories which is called lever and it is mounted on the main body of the vacuum cleaner machine. The main body of the vacuum cleaner and its container are two independent parts but connected to each other, as a result, using a simple lever allows you to separate the container from the vacuum cleaner body to easy unloading. Industrial and semi industrial vacuum cleaners are mounted on a steel chassis thus the machine will be transferred conveniently and the container discharging is done with ease. The small wheels installed at the underside of the steel tank when the tank is separated from the main body and moving it to unloading place should be easily.

Steel containers make it possible storing a variety of solid and liquid materials and they are suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. The tanks are provided in various sizes with thirty five, fifty, seventy five capacity and are available with diameters of four hundred and fifty, five hundred and five hundred and sixty millimeter. When vacuum cleaner is used for collecting toxic substances and hazardous waste user must not be in touch with these materials. There is possibility of installing disposable bags inside the container to collecting materials directly into the bag, thus people and the environment would keep in safe conditions.