vacuum cleaner fixed floor cleaning nozzle

Vacuum cleaner fixed floor cleaning nozzle has been designed for easy cleaning of the floors. This attachment is fixed on an industrial or semi-industrial vacuum cleaner. The fixed floor cleaning nozzle is an innovative and practical system for cleaning of the wide floors and is able to collect pollutants very well. Fixed wet-dry nozzle for floor cleaning will be fixed or disassembled from the suction unit quickly and easily in no time. The end of the suction tube connects to the suction inlet and the nozzle surface is completely fitted on the floor, it means the suction inlet is coupled to the front of the suction unit.

With this attachment, fixed floor cleaning nozzle, the user is on ergonomic posture and he just stands at the back of the machine and walks behind the vacuum cleaner machine. So, he does not feel uncomfortable and fatigued, and will be able to work with the device for a long time, therefore a large amount of surfaces will be cleaned. The fixed wet dry nozzle attachment is equipped with a lifting system, so it is possible to continue cleaning operation without stopping. It is an Ideal tool for grain stores, factories, warehouses and similar places and applications that are medium to high to perfect cleaning operation.