facade and window cleaning equipment - Qleen Profi

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Facade and window cleaning equipment - Qleen Profi is one of the most efficient equipment for cleaning surfaces at high altitude directly from the surface of the Earth. Due to the high power of this model is also used for large surfaces. The ordinary water from the tap and converts it to converts pure and free of salts and minerals.by the strong water filtration unit. This device takes advantages of the properties of pure water, increases quality of washing facade and glass significantly. It cleans any contamination from the surface and does not leave any spot on. This facade cleaning model can use detergent to a better quality of cleaning. This model consists of several sections, including: high capacity filtration system, transportation trolley, battery and charger, lance set, Brush with adjustable angle and Lance bag. This filtration unit of this is larger and more powerful other models and consists of two 25-liter tank filled with resin bed. The device has a powerful pump that can pump water to a height of 21 meters and has a wireless controller. This set has a four-wheeled trolley for ease of movement and battery, charger and collector hose reel are placed on it.  One of the main advantages of this model is the use of rechargeable batteries to power pumps, which can be used in any location. Battery and charger for this device are available. A set of lance to be delivered with device for that it could clean 13.69 meters directly without having to lift off the ground. Cleaning brush has adjustable angles up to 90 degrees and can be used easily. In order to facilitate the handling of Lance, a bag special for holding lance will be delivered with device. It is used to facade cleaning of high building, shopping malls, solar modules and so on.

technical specifications

general specifications

max height (m) 21
lance Length (m) 13.69
lance material carbon - aluminium
chassis and wheel yes
feeding hose (m) 50

filtration unit specifications

volume filter (l) 25×2

physical specifications

weight (kg) 150
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1170×480×1050

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