Industrial Detergent IBC Fast Scent Cleaner

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Today the variety of industrial detergents is such that you can find a material that is perfectly suitable for a high-quality washing, in accordance with the Surface material and type of contamination. Meanwhile, IBC Fast Scent Cleaner, a non-soap cleanser, cleanser and grease remover, is designed and manufactured with a pH of 13 for industrial use. One of the most important features of this material is to create a pleasant smell along with a strong washing, which makes this detergent suitable for consumption in different environments.

Application of IBC Fast Scent Cleaner

The IBC Fast Scent Cleaner industrial detergent is widely used for washing car bodies, multi-purpose gym flooring, factory and workshop floor surfaces with deep grease and oil stains, garage and warehouse flooring, offices and public parking lots. Due to the special formulation of this industrial detergent, it has the ability to dissolve fat particles with high speed and quality, and therefore one of its most important uses is industrial cleaning and washing the greasy surfaces of industrial centers.

How to use IBC Fast Scent Cleaner

Depending on the degree of contamination, it should be added to the water in a ratio of 3% and heated to a temperature of 40 to 60. C. After the detergent is ready, it is necessary to soak the desired surface in the material for 30 seconds and then wash the surface with high pressure water to achieve the best quality. To ensure that the material is compatible with the surface, it is recommended that a small amount of material be tested on a small surface area before using the material, followed by washing. Adequate and accurate knowledge of the characteristics, methods and uses of detergents can be effective in achieving accurate and correct industrial cleaning.

Safety tips when using IBC Fast Scent Cleaner detergent

Due to its chemical structure, industrial detergents require safety precautions and some instructions to ensure the best quality of safety when washing, here are some of them to be

- Use gloves and goggles to protect the skin and eyes

- Prevent material to contact with the body

- Avoid being exposed to the vapors for a long time

technical specifications

general specifications

pH (Concentrated) 13

Cleaning Specifications

Contamination fat & oil
Combined Ratio with Water in Manual Methods 1:3

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