Ebrahim Company is one of the largest companies providing industrial cleaning devices in the country, which is engaged in the supply of industrial scrubbers, industrial waterjets, industrial vacuum cleaners, sweepers, air fresheners, and other mechanized cleaning equipment. To support Iranian goods, this company has produced Iranian products in the country so that compatriots can benefit from the knowledge of Iranian experts.

Ebrahim Company with 30 years of experience in providing mechanized industrial cleaning equipment and devices has also taken steps in the design and production of this equipment and is one of the leaders in this field by manufacturing several models of industrial cleaning devices. Design and production of Iranian industrial scrubbers and floor cleaners, industrial high-pressure waterjets and washers, specialized industrial vacuum cleaners, and production of accessories and detergents related to these types of equipment are among the most important achievements of this collection.

Cleaning and welfare equipment produced by Iranian Ebrahim Company

The result of experts and craftsmen's effort in Ebrahim Company is the manufacture of all-Iranian mechanized cleaning equipment and devices that are equal to foreign examples in terms of efficiency and quality. These types of equipment include industrial floor washing machines, showers, vacuum cleaners, and high-pressure water jets that can be used in the optimal cleaning process of commercial, office, and industrial complexes.

The design and production of automatic air fresheners and fragrances in this complex have made it possible to improve air quality in welfare, commercial, industrial, and even home complexes. These pieces of equipment are available to customers by using new systems, up-to-date technologies, and at reasonable prices.

Also, the manufacture and production of industrial detergents and products allow users to obtain the desired and optimal cleaning quality similar to foreign models, this can have a high impact on reducing the costs of various environmental cleaning processes or equipment in the industry.

Features of Ibrahim brand products

The use and support of domestically produced goods will increase domestic factories' prosperity and promote and develop them. The mechanized cleaning products and devices produced by Ebrahim Company, by offering the same quality as foreign products and lower prices, reduce the cleaning costs in industrial environments and be a desirable investment to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of different environments.