IBC Solvent Cleaner

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Solvent Cleaner With a solvent cleaner, you can use detergent and use it in other ways that you can use it in this way, you can use it With it, you can easily get rid of it. He saw various levels of purity. This material allows a multi-task solvent (multi-objective).

Features of IBC Solvent Cleaner

Solvent Cleaner is a paraffin-based detergent solvent that is used with special and unique additives to remove oil and particulate contaminants on metal surfaces and industries that require organic solvents. The Solvent Cleaner has a very high washing property, evaporation, mild odor and the absence of aromatic substances, and its other characteristics are stability against corrosion and rust, which has made it special for everyone.

Applications of IBC Solvent Cleaner

One of the uses of Solvent Cleaner detergent is to wash metal parts and use them in paint and adhesive industries and other related industries.

How to use

Solvent Cleaner detergent can be sprayed or immersed on surfaces, due to the low ignition point of this material it is necessary to keep away from heat source. It is important to wear gloves and goggles to prevent possible damage to the skin of the hands and eyes when using multiple devicesProtection against liquid contact with the body and not being exposed to fumes for a long time is another point to consider when using this practical detergent.

technical specifications

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