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brand : Kranzle category : Industrial Pressure Washer code : K 1151 T

Single-phase industrial car wash K 1151 T is one of the most widely used products in the small power packs series of Krenzel company. This small cold water high pressure washer responds well to the market demand for powerful high pressure washers and has ideal dimensions and shows good performance in both home and industrial applications. In the K 1151 T cold water high pressure washer, the high quality of production and the ease of use of the device are well combined. Durable chassis produced by centrifugal casting method, large and durable wheels, quality pumps equipped with steel planks with ceramic coating and brass pumps guarantee high strength and stability and complete balance of this electric high pressure washer during use. In front of the hose pulley, the power cable holder and the possibility of storing peripheral equipment on the body are unique features that make the K 1151 T industrial car wash a completely user-friendly device with ease of use and maintenance.
The existence of these features allows the user to access all the accessories of the electric high pressure washer at any time, the high pressure hose, power cable and lens and the gun of the device are better maintained and the space occupied by the device and its accessories is minimized. Find. Also, the single-phase high pressure washer K 1151 T is equipped with a trolley integrated with the device, which helps the user to move the device easily and without any problems on different surfaces, even stairs. By adjusting the outlet water pressure of K 1151 T manual car wash machine in the range of 30 to 130, the working pressure can be selected completely in accordance with the desired type of operation.
This electric water jet device is equipped with a total stop cut-off system that protects the user's safety and prevents motor and pump depreciation and reduces energy consumption. Also, this high pressure washer is equipped with efficient pump protection systems against water shortage and air leakage, so the pump of the single-phase industrial car wash machine is not easily damaged and has a long life. high pressure washer K 1151 T comes in its standard state with 15 m long high pressure hose, gun, steel lens, nozzle and 5 meter power cable.

Unique features of K 1151 T industrial high pressure washer machine:

Industrial water jet machine K 1151 T as one of the most widely used and industrial categories of high pressure washers has the following features:

Plunger pump

K 1151 T cold water high pressure washer is equipped with a reciprocating plunger pump. The planers are made of stainless steel with ceramic coating, which makes the high pressure washer have a high working capacity and can be used in constant working conditions. Planers are made of strong cylinders that have a higher throughput than pistons and will not be damaged or bent during long-term operation at high pressures.

Total stop automatic system

The K 1151 T high-pressure washer has an automatic shut-off system, which means that the pump stops working when the machine's gun tab is released. This system increases the life of the industrial car wash pump, while in some electric high pressure washers it returns to the pump during a water cycle and increases the depreciation rate of the pump.

Slow start system of electric motor

The K 1151 T single-phase car wash machine is equipped with an electric slow start system, which is one of the most important features of high pressure washers. Slow start system gradually increases engine speed; In this way, the noise of the motor as well as the starting current is reduced, which will increase the life of the motor of the single-phase industrial car wash machine.

Rolling plate power transmission system

Power transmission between pump and motor in cold water car wash K 1151 T is done by rolling plate. In this model, which has a cohesive structure and has a high efficiency, a rolling plate rotates and with its intermittent movement, it causes the reciprocating movement of the plunger.

The pump has a high resistance in case of water shortage

The K 1151 T Industrial Electric high pressure washer is designed in such a way that the planers pass through a ring made of Teflon and graphite, which causes the slip created on the planners to reduce the amount of friction in the dehydration conditions, resulting in a pump. Act more resilient in such situations.

Low pressure spraying of detergent

Industrial car wash K 1151 T has a low pressure spraying system for detergents. In this system, detergents do not pass through the pump, so a wide range of detergents can be used because the device pump is not damaged.

Anti-corrosion parts

The pump and many other parts of the K 1151 T single-phase industrial car wash machine are constantly exposed to water and moisture. For this reason, all these parts and equipment have anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties, which cause the optimal operation of the electric high pressure washer device and increase its lifespan.

Uses of single phase industrial car wash K 1151 T

K 1151 T single phase car wash machine is considered as an electric high pressure washer and can be used in washing equipment, machines and surfaces due to its ability to create high water pressure. Due to the reduction of water consumption, this device will have a significant impact on reducing the costs of cleaning and washing the premises and various industrial equipment.

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