Iranian pressure washer EW15/10 TST ECO

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EW15/10 TST ECO industrial car wash machine is one of the semi-industrial single phase and cold water water jet manufactured by Ebrahim company. The simple design and small dimensions of the device, along with its high power, will enable the user to clean all types of contamination on surfaces and equipment. The power of 2200 watts of the car washing machine has made it possible to separate all kinds of stubborn industrial pollution from horizontal and vertical surfaces by creating a working pressure of 150 bar and an output flow of 10 liters per minute. The structural features and quality performance of the device in the cleaning process have made this device one of the most economical washing and industrial cleaning equipment.

Market features of the EW15/10 TST ECO device

Among the features and specifications that make this machine suitable for cleaning and washing surfaces is the machine's engine speed. The engine speed of this EW15/10 TST ECO device is equivalent to 1400 rpm and has a voltage of 230 volts and a frequency of 50 Hz. Due to these features, this single-phase industrial car wash is considered among the most energy-efficient mechanized cleaning equipment, which is capable of performing cleaning processes such as descaling, scale removal, and paint removal from surfaces, equipment, and machines. Other structural features and functional capabilities of this device include things like the automatic stop system, which is used to increase the pump life of the device when the gun is inactive. The use of a plunger pump with brass cylinder heads, 10 meters of high pressure hose, a lance and a blade nozzle provided with the device are among the things that are effective in improving the quality of cleaning with this industrial car wash.

technical specifications

general specifications

max admissible over pressure (bar) 150
total stop system yes

pump specifications

operating pressure (bar) 30-120
water output (liter/min) 10
inlet water temperature, max (˚C) 60

motor and power supply specifications

motor type electric
power (KW) 2.2
voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 50/220

physical specifications

high pressure hose length (m) 10
weight (kg) 33
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 500×200×300

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