single phase electric pressure washer

The single phase high pressure machine is an electrical tool which has been equipped with a single phase electric motor. Single phase high pressure washer is connected directly to the power supply and the electric motor receives its driving force; thus this types of high pressure machines are used in diverse environments such as residential, commercial, industrial and semi-industrial which are connected to the power source. High pressure cleaners with single phase motor have been designed with features and unique characteristics considered the equipment parts that make these machines performance high quality. The following describes some of the high pressure washers features.

Plunger pump

Both single phase and three phase high pressure machines have been equipped with a plunger pump; as we know performance of these machines is depended on the pump quality. Moving part of positive displacement pumps made by a high strength cylinder which is made of stainless steel and has a high resistance structure. Plunger pumps in wet conditions works powerfully because of continuous operation, the upper part of plunger are coated by compressed ceramic; in this way leads to low wear and long life of the machine.

Corrosion protection

Cylinder always is next to water and the plungers make force on it, therefor it is kept at risk of extinction. In order to prevent wear and tear on the pump and extension life of the cylinder, it is made of brass or stainless steel which prevents malfunction and result in optimum performance of the single phase high pressure machine.

Total stop system

The total stop system for single phase high pressure washer is a professional technology that when the user drop the gun output is stopped, so pump will also stop. Total stop system opens a side channel that is constantly pumped out over the water cycle and returns back to it; As a result the pump will not be damaged and its longevity increased.

Slow running motor

The single phase high pressure machines have been equipped with slow running system which cause to quiet and durable slow running electric motors. It means that lower speeds will reduce starting current, reduce noise emission and wear.

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