vacuum cleaner - ST 11

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brand : Columbus category : Industrial Vacuum Cleaner code : 0

The st11 vacuum cleaner is a daily vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dry dirt. It has been designed with compact size and it works with low noise, thus this vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning crowded places and using in noise sensitive areas. The commercial vacuum cleaner is used for all kinds of floors like textile coated and the hard floors. It's equipped with an 11 litter filter bag that is made of fleece, so textile floors and hard surfaces will be cleaned professionally.

The commercial vacuum cleaner has been designed with a center of gravity at the bottom; moreover, these are two castor wheels at the rear and two smaller size and rubber wheels, which they together make the vacuum cleaner easy to handle, steady and movable, also they will keep the balance. It has been designed ergonomic by flexible hose, handle operation and various accessories.The commercial vacuum cleaner works with high level of suction power which this power will be adjusted by a switch according to the surface condition and the environmentally sensitive; it means if you change the suction power, the air flow will alter minimized up to maximized.

There are special locations on the body of the vacuum cleaner to put up accessories and there is a special section to roll up the cable; it makes ease of use device and it causes to be the accessories always available and they will not occupy extra space. The vacuum fleece bag along with the basket filter improves the operation of the tool. The air filter and the bag can be exhausted and washed out, so the vacuum cleaner operation will improve because of maximized filtration and high level of suction power. The commercial vacuum cleaner is a light-weight device with various types of nozzles which can be used in commercial building, hotels, restaurants etc.    

technical specifications

general specifications

power cable length (m) 10
material Polyurethane
standard CE

tank specifications

hopper capacity (L) 11

suction unit specifications

types and number of vacuum centrifugal - 1
waterlift max (mh2o) 2960
air flow max (m3/h) 216

filtration unit specifications

type and number of filter bag - 1

motor and power supply specifications

motor type collector
power (KW) 1.25
voltage - frequency (V - Hz) 230 - 50

physical specifications

noise level (db) 58
weight (kg) 6.7
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 390×300×410


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