upholstery cleaner machine - Sabrina Foam

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Upholstery cleaner machine - Sabrina Foam is a specialized machine for cleaning sofas, chairs, and carpets. This action will be done using foam that generated by an internal compressor. The device based on spraying dense foam on the surface. Foam removes impurities well and prevents of water influence to the surface, so that does not damage surfaces and dry soon. Upholstery cleaner machine is used to clean small carpets or some parts of a big carpet. The foam density is adjustable, so the user can change it due to the type of surface or type and density of pollution. Sabrina Foam can work as a foam extraction machine. Its high-water lift vacuum system allows to recover the maximum quantity of dirt from carpet and upholstery and to get the shortest drying time, about 20 minutes. It has two tanks clean and dirty water that makes the surface to be cleaned more.  These tanks can be detached easily from the machine body to emptying and cleaning easier. Tanks are made of high-density polyethylene.Those are very strong and made for lasting a long time. The filter of the vacuum motor is easily removable for cleaning. One of the features of this system is it has a motor and pump that they can work continuously and so it is used in car washes and commercial environments. In addition, it has a suction motor and water pump that have wet curing and freezing protection systems. So these are resistant to moisture and rust.Transparent unbreakable cover, which allows the user to see the dirty water while it is sucked. Device operation is simple and understandable and the user can easily use them in any situation. The device is used for Cleaning companies, hotels, conference halls, restaurants, clubs, offices, banks, shops, trains, buses, planes, ships, car seats,  cinemas, theaters, airports, schools, universities, shopping centers.

technical specifications

general specifications

productivity (m2/h) 60
power cable length (m) 10
working width (mm) 100-270

tank specifications

recovery tank capacity (L) 14
solution tank capacity (L) 14
tank material high density polyethylene

suction unit specifications

type of vacuum motor 2 stages
Power of vacuum motor (W) 1500
waterlift max (mh2o) 3000
air flow max (m3/h) 162
Hose length (m) 2.5

motor and power supply specifications

power of compressor (W) 350

physical specifications

weight (kg) 38
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 320×550×870

Special Features

heater no

by-pass pump specifications

types of pump vibration
power of pump (W) 50
Maximum pressure(bar) 4
Maximum water-flow ( l/min) 1.5


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