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برای اطلاع از قیمت ها و مشاوره خرید محصولات با ما در ارتباط باشید ۸۷۱۸۴-۰۲۱

Hospital Trolley

Hospital Trolley - Hospital Trolley

Hospital trolley is used to cleaning and healthcare activities in health centers, hospitals, clinics, child care centers and nursing homes. Due to the sensitivity of these environment into pollution, hygiene and sanitation have high priority. So hygienic tools and supplies must be used in these environments to prevent diffuse and spread disease. So that the health of patients and the people who work or refer there will be maintained. One of these equipment is wash and cleaning equipment in this environment. Trolley is one of the most important tools that is required to wash and clean environment and waste collection, and for such places must have certain characteristics.

The most important feature of hospital trolleys is that it is made of anti bacterial material. Usually wet places are the perfect place to grow and spread of bacteria, fungi and mold, but anti bacterial properties in this trolley, make it is not a good place to grow and spread bacteria and etc. So not only bacteria are not spread through the trolleys, but also prevent stains and malodor. 

The hospital trolley has bag holder or trash bin to waste collection, which in any cases it has cover to sanitation and hygiene. The buckets with handler are to keep water, detergent and cleaning tools in this type of trolley. In addition to that these have antibacterial properties, for the more sanitation these have cover. These buckets is also used for mop washing. A drawer located inside profile so that can put needed tools in it. Due to the importance of silence in hospitals, cover of trash has a mechanism that opens and closes smoothly and silently. In addition, the wheels of the trolley were built in such a way that are silent when are moved. Another feature is that the trolleys are made of recyclable materials so they are environmentally friendly.