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There are different types of detergents and using them in appropriate cases will ensure an increase in the level of cleaning quality. One of the categories of detergents is degreasers. These detergents can be used to clean all types of greasy contaminants and can also be used to clean industrial equipment and machinery. Degreasers and descalers, due to the chemicals used in them, have the ability to solve various types of greasy contaminants and clean stubborn messes.

Degreasers are one of the most effective ways to clean industrial equipment and machinery. While most detergents are made to soften contaminants for easy removal, degreasers are designed to dissolve and eliminate a variety of greasy contaminants. The use of these detergents in cleaning equipment and surfaces, in addition to providing their cleanliness, will ensure safety during the operation of these machines. On the other hand, clean and safe equipment has the ability to work optimally and produce quality products.

Tips for using degreasers and degreasers

1. Know when to use fatty substances. In many cases, a versatile cleaner can thoroughly clean surfaces. Degreasers have a high effect on removing greasy and stubborn contaminants and can provide optimal cleaning quality.

2. Do not mix other detergents with detergents separately. These products are carefully designed and manufactured in laboratories. Therefore, before mixing these detergents with other detergents, it is better to consult with experienced consultants in this regard to prevent damage to the device or the possibility of health problems for people.

3. Most descaling and degreasing detergents work quickly, however, it is best to let them sit on the surface for a few minutes after applying them so that the detergent penetrates completely deep into the contamination to have a better effect on getting surface cleaning.

4. Wear protective clothing when using degreasing detergents if you do not use mechanized cleaning equipment and devices. It is essential to use gloves when cleaning with a degreaser and degreaser. It is better to use complete protective equipment (gloves, clothes, and special glasses) while working with these chemical detergents.

5. Use cleaners and degreasers with standard approval. These degreasers are designed according to environmental issues and are suitable for use in closed environments and indoor spaces.

6. When using degreasing detergents in industrial cleaning devices and equipment such as scrubbers, make sure that these chemicals are compatible with the structure and device used in cleaning. Using the wrong detergent can damage the mechanized scrubber.

7. When cleaning floor surfaces using degreaser detergents, it is recommended to use an industrial scrubber or floor cleaner. This is due to the separation of clean and contaminated water tanks in this device to prevent the use of water mixed with contaminants during cleaning.

Applications of degreasing and degreasing detergents

In cases where cleaning of industrial surfaces contaminated with greasy contaminants is involved, the use of degreasing detergents is a suitable and optimal solution. These detergents can be used in cases such as cleaning industrial kitchens, washing machines and devices, cleaning surfaces and floors in production halls, and other such cleaning items.

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